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Looking For Analog Read Of Heat Sources Mlx90614?

I just failed to yield useful results from 3 Radio Shack pIR digital sensors mounted to my robot. When it moves wether it's in or out doors it picks up many different heat signatures and can't follow a body.

I'm looking for an analog equivilant and came across the MLX90614 which has I2c and a PWM output capabilities. The PWM would likely be the easiest to read, even though it has a worse resolution.

Here's an example of someone using that component on two ADC ports on another device:


Is there a way to convert PWM signals to a continuous voltage on an analog port?

Or is there a better way to read an analog of heat signatures?

Thanks, Bill

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PWM is two states high or low. For the EZ-B ATD 0V min or 5V max. Most applications use the amount time high as their method of signal communication. By tracking the time of the pulses you can register the value as a "1" or a "0" and through this read what is being transmitted. Usually need to be able to monitar the signals rising and falling edge.


Thanks Orwnic,

I suspect then I could use some combination of a capacitor and resistor that would create proportional rises and falls of current that could be read on an ADC port?


The analog input on the arduino are used for the i2c ports,try the i2c of the ez-b. The resistors are simply pull-up which are usually used with i2c lines for strengthing the signal and the cap is used between the devices voltage and gnd lines so simply put a filter cap.