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Logitech F710 Questions

I've got my Roli up and have bought an F710 wireless controller with an eye toward using the joysticks for 2-3 different control scenarios.
I've connected the controller, set it on D Input and Windows is seeing it fine. I'm using a modified Roli plan and added a joystick as shown in DJ's tutorial video. As I understand it, Joystick one should default to H Bridge movement control, but when I try and control the rover, the joystick 1 nor the D pad are giving me movement. Am I missing a step for connecting? I'm seeing 3 colored circles in the Joystick Control box, but am not able move any of them. In the settings for Joystick one, I have Joystick controls movement checked, but get nothing.

I'm also looking at using joystick two for controlling one of the Roli arms in real time. Is there a tutorial on this type of joystick control?

Final question for now: Can you use the d pad for movement control, J1 for camera control, and J2 for arm control?

Kind of a lot for one post, but thanks for looking


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I'll check the settings of my Logitech when I am home from work this evening. I think most, if not all of what you want to do is supported.

Make sure the joystick dongle is plugged in and the joystick is powered on (just move the stick a few times) before starting ARC. It sometimes doesn't recognize that the controller is connected, although if you see the 3 colored circles, it usually means that it does see the stick, it may be a setting is wrong.

I just remembered I am going to be out late tonight, so I won't be able to verify my settings until tomorrow night. Maybe someone else who uses a Logitech 710 can jump in before then.

I figured out my connection issue; my USB joystick was plugged in and the joystick connection was pointing to it rather than the 710. Like so often, it's the simplest thing!