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Lipo Battery Lead Protector. Makes It Easier To Unplug After Charging

At times I have struggled with trying to disconnect the small JST-XH charging connector on the liPo battery from the robot. Not only is it hard on my fingers, but sometimes damages the battery leads if I don't hold the connector properly.

User-inserted image

I just found these neat JST-XH protectors made just for this purpose.

User-inserted image


Here are some installations I've tried

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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In addition to the strain relief hoods, I have found that a JST extension cable makes life a lot easier because I am not trying to balance the robot on its side and work with the short little cable to the charger. I can hook up the extension to either the robot or the charger and leave one on the bench while I work on the other. A 6 or 8 inch cable makes a world of difference.


You are right. This extension cables make it much easier than trying to close couple a charger in an ackward position

Alan, Thanks for turning me unto those extension cables a while back!

I was thinking of the application in a school where you might need some extra protection for student handling