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Lipo Battery Issue

So last night I left my LiPo battery connectd to my bot with the lights on! Beign the first time ive used LiPo batteries I didnt realize that you cannot drain them past a minimum voltage or they wont recharge anymore.

I recovered the battery by using the Nimh setting on my charger to bring the voltage back up to 12v then I was able to balance charge again.

Is there some kind of voltage detection relay switch I can get to automatically cut power if the voltage drops below a certain amount so this doesnt happen again?



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Thanks that helps! Im going to try to find a supplier in Canada. Amazon says not allowed because they hate canada. and the other link is florida which I might try anyway if I can't find a canadian supplier.


For anyone else who looks for this item I found a candian supplier and have ordered one. will report back how it works.



depending on your application you might want to use a LiPo alarm instead of a cutoff circuit.


Im hoping I can get a signal back from the cutoff alarm that will let me alert the user via software or speech synth. Even nicer would be to also have a way to read the battery level from the balance charging plug.


u might be able to hack a LiPo alarm and remove the alarm buzzer and have the terminals go to the ADC of the EZ-B and have a script that alerts the user in ARC that the voltage is above so much, when the buzzer would be set off.


Thats a good plan but Im hoping I can probably do that with the cut off as well, but I am thinking its alot safer to use a cut off since a buzzer wont do any good if I dont hear it. like if I leave my robot on and go to work, I would still come home to a dead lipo battery.


this is true but like I said it depends on the application I made a QUAD that flies so a shutoff could crash the craft.


Ah yes that makes sense! definitely wouldnt want that on a flying bot! :D


this product could be used just take the LED terminals and input them to the ATD and if the voltage on the ATD is above 1.5 or 2 VDC then have a warning window pop up it will still turn-off the circuit then Product


That might work but would only give a low battery indicator, I was hoping to be able toreadthe battery level and show the battery level so you can see how much time is "left". Do you think that is possible?


sounds like you want a voltage meter attached if you just want the robot to shutdown when the voltage on the battery is to low I wouldnt over complicate things. I am sure there are voltage readers for LiPos per cell but then u get into bigger and bigger circuits that overcrowd ur general need.


Yeah I supposed its not necessary, just a nice to have, I like how my UPS has a desktop gadget that tells me the UPS bat level as well as my iphone etc. But if its a pain I will stick to a straight cut off. I might order that part you suggested as well.

When you say hook the LED input up to the ATD would that just be a digital port on the EZ_b ?



no the EZ-B comes with 8 ATD ports that can read voltage up to 5V. And don't let me decide for you its your robot I am just saying sometimes its better to think easy, just giving you some ideas.


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