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Launching External Apps From Ez-B

Hi team

Here is a script that I can get to work inside EZ-B on its own but when I call it from within the Speech Recognition block I get an "Remoting is not supported for this control" error.

Any ideas...?

Here is the C# code I am using...

  • Wayne

using System; using System.IO; using System.Windows.Forms; using EZ_B;

namespace VName {

public class VClass {

public void Main(EZB ezb0, EZB ezb1, EZB ezb2, EZB ezb3, EZB ezb4) {

   System.Diagnostics.Process.Start( @"C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe" );

} }

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You haven't provided enough information to assist you. You can upload the EZB file you are working on. Or, look under File->Examples there are examples. If you look under the Day Of The Week example, it will show you how to execute a C# script from the speech recognition.

The Speech Recognition command will be:

ControlCommand("windowName", ScriptStart)

Where WindowName is the name of your C# window that you wish to execute.

New Zealand

Hi DJ Sures... Good to hear from you...

I'm running on a bit of a tangent with the EZ-B and installing one into my workshop for a Jarvis type Ironman Movie butler... I've brought a descent voice file from Cepstral Systems (Lawrence) and am just getting into the hardware interfacing ... Hoping to automate all sorts of things between your EZ-B and some arduinos...

Loving it so much I am saving for another EZ-B one for in the house.... and my eventual robot(s) of course.

I've attached the file and you'll be able to see that the "What Day is it Today" voice command and script works fine when launched from Speech Recognition. I even got a script to call a second script and these run fine.

The Launch_Notepad script runs directly from its control but will not when launched from the Speech Recognition engine.

Your help would be appreciated.


New Zealand

Not sure if the upload worked so here is another go...Start.EZB


It's uploaded three times:) hehe

I'm flying today so can't check until later. Maybe someone else will take a peak:)

New Zealand

Well Sures .... what can I say.... I post a need and within 24 hours you've posted not just the solution but a whole new update with even more possibilities... better service than any organisation I know... impressive.

The new Exec command opens up so many possibilities... it is stretching my imagination.

I am sure you realise that what you have started here is a game changer... I can now script any command, launch any application and start virtually any hardware device from within ARC... It even works with the CLI and passes the variables !

Now if we add a Raspberry Pi or mini PC into the equation I can see a future with truely intelligenthomes, robots, furniture, etc.

Absolutely awesome - my students are going to love this ... cause I sure am!


@tameion That's awesome feedback!:D I'm glad you noticed the new command:)