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Large Volume 3D Printer (Looks Really Well Built)

12x12x12 to 24x24x24 with up to 4 printheads.

So you dont have to go looking, here are their prices for preorders.

"Here's the current price list for the 4-extruder configurations for all three sizes (12"x12"x12", 18"x18"x18", and 24"x24"x24").

T-Rex-12-4: $3,399.00 (4 extruders)

T-Rex-18-4: $4,649.00 (4 extruders)

T-Rex-24-4: $5,899.00 (4 extruders)

You can get a general idea of the shipping rates here:
(Shipping costs may be higher if shipping to a residence or if liftgate service is needed.)"


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