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Large Plexiglass Box Over Makerbot 3D Printers In The Office

Hey guys in the office , my local supplier had large sheets of plexiglass but I would rather buy it pre sliced with polished edges and I would probably be cheaper off than buying 4 x 8 sheets and cutting them myself. Do you buy it as a box kit? Aprox cost? Maybe a website I can get them from? Thanks guys


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We bought it from a local place in Calgary. We brought in dimensions and told them what we were trying to build and they did all the cuts for us. It wasn't super cheap though. I believe around $80-$100/ box. We used a "glue" that actually melts the acrylic together. I can't remember what it's called though...


Ah ok, thanks Alan ! The sheets here are higher so a 100 dollar plexiglass box would be a savings , thanks for the reply. Before you replied I found a online provider I can order precut pieces for the "glue" them.



Since we did 5 of them at once we didn't have to buy 5 sheets. Thats the only reason we were able to get them done for ~$100.

I checked - they have a ton of stuff! Nice find.


The Solvent we used is called Methylene Chloride.