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Thanks (I actually started that thread), but this is a different printer. The more narrow size might fit my needs better, but there's no serial input on this particular model of label printer-- it's only USB as far as I can tell. There is an incredibly more expensive model with serial input, but it's out of my price range. The other printer I asked about has been hooked up to an arduino, but I've not seen anyone try it with this one.

Could some sort of USB shield be used? I'm not sure what those really do.

You technically could use a usb shield, but it would require about a years worth of programming:)

The simple answer is, no - it won't work with the EZ-B.

If there is an SDK, you can consider writing a commandline app that can be launched by ARC. You would need a computer within your robot and the printer connected to it.
Out of curiosity, what are you planning on using a label printer for?
K-9 spits paper out of his mouth:)
100% right!

Google "The Invisible Enemy" to see the episode where we first meet K-9. You can see all the things he's supposed to be able to do, including giving people a print out that comes from his mouth.

Frank, have you ever watched the few episoodes of K-9 spin-off tv show?

I thnk there were two actually. One which was a newer with a kid and a rounded newer age k-9

And the one I'm thinking of was from the 90's. i think it was Sarah? She had K-9 living with her on earth. I feel there were only two episodes or so... Can't remember what it was called
K-9 and Company didn't work out so well, unfortunately. It only lasted one show (probably because of the poor script). You can probably still see it on Youtube.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch past episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures for free. It's sort of like Dr. Who for teens. It ran relatively recently and as I understand, could have gone longer had it not been for the untimely death of Elizabeth Sladen in 2011. K-9 is in a few episodes and 1 episode also has David Tennant making a guest appearance.

I think the best episodes for K-9 are still the classic ones with Tom Baker as the Doctor. K-9's in the ones from Invisible Enemy to Warrior's Gate.

I never got to see the modernized K-9 show, unfortunately. The Syfi channel picked up the rights and ran a marathon on Thanksgiving weekend, but I was visiting relatives that day and they didn't subscribe to that channel :(. I need a DVR!