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L289n Motor Driver

How many of you are using the 2 amp motor driver DJ is selling in his store? If you have used it, how is it performing? How did you wire it up? Have you had any problems using one? I'm sure everyone would appreciate input and feedback on this motor driver.


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I have used it.... If you want to use your own motors... you have to buy it.... yo can control motors until 12v! is very stronge...!!!
@ edison :
How did you hook it up? What pins to IN ports, etc.
One thing to remember when wiring the motors to the controller. Your motors are opposite, one left and one right. So the wiring isn't as easy as M1 blue M1 red - M2 Blue M2 Red. Because they are opposite each other you may need to wire M1 blue M1 red - M2 red M2 blue.

I hope that makes some sense.
Thank you for your suggestion. I was, however ,aware of the left/right difference in the wiring.I finally got my new motor drivers and put one in. It turned out that the 1st driver was bad. Have you used this motor driver? If you have how did you wire it? Just for reference.