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Kudos On Shipping Speed

I placed my order on a Wednesday and received the items by the following Monday.

Very nice.

Great! Thanks for positive feedback @faengelm We appreciate it!
@Frank I know for a fact Jeremie flew all the way to China, soldered and assembled your order. Then packed it carefully. He then got on a plane and flew to your home town just to deliver it personally... EZ Robot has good "go that extra mile" people...:)
LOL... Just a little humour for today:D You robot builder guys are a little stuffy... sheesh...;)
Actually, that was a smile emoticon that got translated wrong...
LOL on both accounts!
Shipping has been amazing...very fast.

My 3rd order has been shipped ive noticed.:D:D:D

Now its Tuesday night here, if that order lands by Friday i will be doing back flips.:P

@NewAgeTomy-Email From Ez-Robot:
This is a friendly reminder that we have not forgotten about your order #29144 from 5/12/2017 8:22:11 PM. Your robot parts are being assembled, packaged and soon to be shipped - all by human hands!
User-inserted image
Good to hear about the new shipping. Thanks
and repeatable... place ordered on a Tuesday 5/23 and received on Thursday 5/25 !

User-inserted image

from China to California....

Ordered some IoTiny's for grandkids, and of course for me.
Late Thursday P.M. 25th order arrived today Tuesday 30th.
Great product for the price!
Thank You EZ Robot