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Kobuki Support


I have a Kobuki base/platform that was originally intended for a turtlebot. Unfortunately ROS's learning curve has proven a bit to steep for me. Has anyone had success with an EZ Board/controller and a mobility?


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Looks like the Kobuki is very similar to the iRobot Create.... Is there an ROI for it? I would hazard to guess it would work with the EZB (same way the Create does)... You just need the Kobuki's version of an ROI....


If you could somehow find some Arduino sample code for it (if it exists)... I can probably port it to an ARC script...


Thanks Richard. It seems to not be natively supported so I'll push forward with ROS.


Hey Sean, Wish I could help.... Tried to learn python a while back but lost interest and gave up.... I might of asked you this before, but is there a manual for the Kobuki base? The Roomba has one and it shows you how the communicate with the Create and other Roomba models....