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Kismet - Video From The 1990S On An Interactive Bot (See How Far We'Ve Come)

The link below will take you to a video that was shot in the 1990s in the MIT AI lab.

Meet Kismet

If you are interested in social behavior of robots, take a look, and then compare with more advanced achievements by some of our community members.



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There have been great advancements in processing power and computer vision plus making robot control systems much easier to work with (such as Ez-Robot).

There have been some advanced achievements by community members in terms of visuals, but I've yet to see learning and expression like Kismet had as in this video. I'd love to see some projects that do make some attempts at this though.


Dan, I join you in anticipation of more advanced developments in bot learning and expression. In my opinion, the catch phrase for the near future should be "Robotics - the new user interface"