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Kinect - Ez-Robot - Star Wars :)

Hi everyone!
Sorry I have been busy a lot of time that I did not have time to be here in the community, but now I have a lot of time and I am working in my new Project, If you read the title you can imagine what I am doing:)

My first Challenge was learn how to code kinect in C# and I think that I have done that.

User-inserted image

(if you see in the bottom of the image, you will see that I am capturing the coordinates of my right hand, I will use in my project 4 points, two of my hands and 2 of my body for tracking in Ez Robot)

Next I am going to implement this code to Sdk of EZ Robot.
And my final project is create an Arturito from Star Wars!

User-inserted image

If someone needs help about How to implement kinect in your project I can help you:)


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Man that's sweet! I'm definitely interested in Kinect implementation.
welcome back edison2
very interested in interfacing Kinect To EZ-B also
well done ,please keep us posted :P
That would be a GREAT thing for the EZB.