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Kinect Coming Soon?

See my blog posting link for an example of Kinect fun with kids at my work. I have had a lot of phone with the Kinect so far and I am really excited to see when DJ will finally get the Kinect added to the EZ Robot system. Has anyone done anything substantial with the EZB and the Kinect yet?

blog about robot building in my garage


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your blog looks good,i have about 5 projects going on,and over 40 robots to hack (yes 40)
total of 70 robots some not going to hack for EZB or another AI MICROCONTROLLER i am been using for awhile,my garage has a full machine shop of every type of bench tool.lathe,mill and lot more
i am electronic engineer and designer by trade,some programming ,arduino,LISPWORK AI software
not into blogging
Robot Maker.. Your last post confirms you need a break from Robots...I was hoping DJ was going to do something with Kinect by Xmas but it's too late for me..as well as robots I love sailing so the family have allocated a marine GPS for me.. (around Same Price).
never want to take a break from building robots,too much fun