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South Africa
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Kalman Filter To Detect A Colored Ball


This is my first time on the forum and I'm very new to the EZ- Robot platform. I'm at statistics student and would like to demonstrate the Kalman filter through a simple action- my idea being to get my robot (the JD) to rotate its head until it can find a door. The door will be recognizable by the presence of two red balls but there would also be single red balls in its field of vision.

Has anyone tried anything similar to this or used a Kalman filter in any way and if so would you mind sharing your script with me? Just so that I have a starting/reference point to go from. Currently I'm a little lost on the platform and not really sure where to start.

Thank you !


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That's really simple... No need to make it sound so complicated:) That's easy with ezrobot!

1) download and install ARC

2) load ARC

3) press project, add control, camera, camera device

4) select camera from the drop down and press start

5) select tracking type from the page list

6) select either color tracking or multi color tracking

7) if you select multi color tracking, you will need to define your own color filter using the multi color tab

8) if you select color, then simply selecting the color and brightness with the color tab

9) press project, add control, scripting, variable watcher

10) there you will now see the variable data for the objects being detected

A simple script to locate a call can be written....

11) press project, add control, scripting, script

12) press the gear icon on the script to edit add a script

Your script would be something like ....


REPEAT ($pos, 1, 180, 5)

servo(D0, $pos)

IF ($CameraIsTracking = true)

say("I found the ball")




Thank you very much! After seeing your reply, I can definitely agree that I was complicating that far too much!