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Just Bought Another Robot -Biped Design

THIS is my 81 robot i bought and looks very good low cost

iTS 15 DOF biped design without servo's from ebay fo $106

Reason i bought it without servo's i can upgrade it easy with higher torque servo's.

What can i say i am really ROBOHOLIC.

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And in a few days buying #82 robot


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!


Dude, thats awesome, thats worth it for the bracketry alone lol :D


ALL these robots i buy will keep me busy for over 20 to 30 years,it good i have 18 or more hours a day to work on them,since i am retired.

Another good reason to buy another EZB from DJ,GOING TO NEED ABOUT ANOTHER 30 to 40 more EZB ,i have now 20 EZB'S


Should be getting in 3 weeks from china,thought about bringing it back with me when i get home from china in a few days (friday night) but customs will be a problem and shipping is free.

PLUS i have many other projects i need to finish first ,so i can easy wait 3 weeks or more


So since you have so much spare time you should build a mech warrior. One with wheels or tracks is beginner but bipeds and quadrupeds are pro. Build one or two and bring it to maker faire NC to play.


NOT to much in building MECH warriors,my robots i build are nice and not in to fighting.


Getting it in two weeks cant wait,i ordered over $300 of servos for it too,so be putting in showcase very soon.

And looking to change the hand design and more.


I got it in and look great,will place in showcase on my build soon.