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Just A Random Idea To Motivate People To Create Ez-Bits

the general idea:

concept of motivating people to create ez-bits: a sort of "points system" user submits ez-bit, for a certification the user gets x amount of points (sample: 6) everytime a ez-bit of that user is purchased, the user gets also a x amount of points (sample: 1) but points can also be obtained on other ways (sample: solving someone's problem gives 1 point)

points can be spend on the website, like ordering ez-robot stuff, promotional wear, and be able to direct message on the forum (if the last one is possible) (sample: 150 points = 2$, and 2 points are 1 direct message)

my suggestion for the name of this system: "EZ-Points"

now, tell me what you think about it. and please remove the topic if inappropiate in any way. :)


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There's already a "points system" of sorts in place with the "assistance required" feature, this was discussed briefly when the website design changed over to this one, back in March I think it was. The post will be buried by now I'm sure.

But the plans seem to have chanced since the assistance required info states goodies will be sent to those helpful members.

Anyway, point is, tutorials, questions answered, robots built, ez-bits submitted and if 3d bits are printed by the user is all logged in the user details, I'm sure EZ-Robots will take the important bits of that in to account when deciding on which user(s) to reward for their efforts when they are able to provide such rewards.