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Joystick Question Help

Ok so quick question.... but first here is the set up.. Ez running wifi directly to dedicated tablet with joystick running to tablet via Bluetooth

So at times I am using my joystick with my project and then I temporarily "lose " the use of my joystick.. I can get it back by messing with the ez interface on tablet to refresh joystick or just click it a few times ( the drop down joystick selection on ez joystick interface ) and it snaps back most of the time... I am sure that the joystick is not losing connection to table as I have watched the connection status on the tablet and it does not correspond to the issue .. Is there a way I can do some code to constantly "jolt" the joystick connection and refresh (or whatever ) kinda like the code used to check for connection and if lost it reconnects to tablet?

note most of the time this happens if I let project "sit" without using joystick .. and no the joystick has not timed out with the tablet or anything.

Thanks in advance :)


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Hmmm I'm wondering if the Bluetooth joystick and WiFi are having radio interference between each other (same 2.4GHz carrier frequency). Do you have a Infrared or Wired USB Joystick you could use instead to troubleshoot?


Do you have an xbox 360 or know someone that does?

The wired xbox 360 controllers are USB.


bluetooth driver in windows is most likely resetting - you can check the event log and watch it happen. This can be caused by a few reasons. What brand is the joystick? Although i've seen this happen with a name brand mouse on my laptop - it happens most often with chinese no-name peripherals.

Look for an updated bluetooth driver for your laptop - or get a wired joystick - or a joystick with a dongle - or a non-bluetooth joystick.

The best joystick that i have ever come across is the one we mention in the joystick manual, and with the photo in the joystick config screen. That logitech joystick uses a dongle, and has long distance.


ok thanks guys I will try the 360 route as well as play with different dongle based joysticks and see :)


I have the Logitech and am very happy with it. Sometimes I have an issue with it being recognized on boot-up. But once it is recognized, I have never had it lose connection.



alan - that is true, windows has some funky detecting of the usb dongle for the logitech. I have to sometimes hit some buttons on it for windows to "wake up" and detect it