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Jd'S Volume

Hello, i would like to ask if JD's volume can be adjusted. I noticed that JD's volume is rather soft when i tried making him talking using the SayEZB command.

Another issue I've encountered is, I tried using JD to grab some soft object, and when i tried it, there is thick smoke coming out from the gripper servo. After that i tried using the gripper servo, and it is not working! mad confused


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You have tightened his gripper too tight and burnt the servo. It will need to be replaced. You can find a replacement in the store diy section. It's a micro servo:) be careful to not burn out servos by having them close too much over an object. That's just like holding a motor from trying to rotate. Any electronic product with a motor must not be stressed or it will burn out.

As for the volume - that's about as loud as it can go if you have already used the setvolume() commnd.


okay, thank you for your assistance!