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Jd Seems Like It's Not Receiving Data From Ez Builder

Problem and Steps:
After successfully wiring & assembling JD, I turned him on. Then I connected to his SSID through my windows computer. I started the EZ Builder, and selected to use the JD example project. The windows appeared, and the video one showed a live stream of his camera. All of his physical servos immediately turned 90 degrees, so he could stand successfully. But the servo fine tuning wasn't moving anything. And, when I attempted to use the action manager nothing happened. Anything I tried that involved sending data to him just didn't work. But the live video seemed to be working, and the computer seemed to be able to receive the data. But the JD seems to not be receiving anything.

But, the only time he'll react to anything I do on the computer is when I access his web server page. From there I can send him sounds and the command to switch all servos to 90 degrees. Which makes me think it's not the hardware.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like the EZ-B has locked up. Are you certain the RGB LED Eyes are connected correctly?

Check to ensure the eyes light up when power switch is turned on and report back
Yeah, the eyes light up.
When jd appears unresponsive, is there a red led lit on his ezb
Actually, yes there is. I didn't think it was worth mentioning.
Excellent - that means there is an issue with the RGB Display in JD's eyes. Here's your options...

1) Disconnect and reconnect the RGB Eyes to a different of the 3 i2c ports of the EZ-B. Simply pull the plug out and connect it to one of the three adjacent connections. Check the plug over and make sure it isn't damaged or has exposed wires, etc.. Try the JD again

2) If option #1 doesn't work for you, there's a very slight chance that the connector inside of JD's head for the RGB Eyes may be loose. To check it, use a Philips screw driver and carefully separate JD's head and check the plug on the eyes PCB. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, that's okay - just let me know

3) Lastly, it appears the head or eyes of JD will need to be replaced. If you're comfortable with swapping out the RGB Eyes, then that's the quickest way we can help you - because that can be shipped out quicker than an entire head. Either way, you will need a replacement head or replacement RGB Eyes (you choose)

Now, I know that you want to get your robot up and running and start having fun - so here's what you can do! If you decide to keep the head and simply swap out the RGB Eyes, then you can continue using your robot - and here's how!

1) Load the JD Project from ARC
2) Ensure that you are connected to the internet
3) Press FILE tab and choose OPEN from EZ-Cloud
4) Browse and locate the project titled JD (No Eyes)
5) Select and load that project
6) Save that project to your local drive so you no longer need to load from the internet

I just created that project for you. It will allow you to continue using JD until a resolution has been made with your RGB Eyes. Use the Contact Us form and paste the URL of this thread into the Technical Support as reference. Our customer service person will reference this thread and see that I worked to help you and will better understand how to get what you need:)

More information can be found here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/70?courseId=1
Thanks a ton for the response, and the project JD No Eyes makes my robot work exactly as it should.

As for option one, changing the ic2 port didn't change anything. As for inside JD's head, there were no loose wires.

I didn't really plan on using the eyes very much, so I guess in the initial stages of the project I'll be fine without them. Anyhow, I'll shoot tech an email in regards to the eyes in a bit.

Thanks for the resolution, and I''m glad to be up and running.