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Jd Revolution

After a year, it's finally here

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Sweet! It would be awesome if you made an unboxing video like @Rich and @jstarne. I think this would be the first JD one.
Chrissi it's probably all assembled and programmed already :)
I agree! If you haven't already assembled it- video video video! :):):)

There you have it guys and gals. Hope you can understand me haha I've never done and unboxing video before so I apologize for not being the best video

the video is awesome thank you:D
Awesome thanks for making that video! It's great to see the final product in everyone's hands! The little black wire you weren't sure of is the Wire Spiral Wrap Pack, for grouping all of your wires together. I'll attach a pic!

User-inserted image
Ooooo I see thank you Aislinn that will be helpfull cuz I got wires all over the place:)
I want to thank the Ez-Robot company for this amazing product. I am sure that the competition, if any. Is years away from developing something as awesome as this, once again thank you

User-inserted image
You did a great job with video. You did not talk to fast.

I give you 4 1/2 stars... lol

Great to see a jd in the wild.


Thanks jdebay, that means a lot. Now am encouraged to post some more videos haha
Nice video! Good to see the JD unboxing.:D
Im so jealous to see all of you opening boxes before me! I've never seen a completed robot from our manufacturer and box yet. Geez! You're lucky;)
We were jealous when we saw you playing with the robots DJ haha