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Jd On Tv. ( Izombie)

Hello EZRobot fans, I am sitting here watching the current episode of iZombie (season 2 episode 10, and there is a section where one of hte main characters has a JD dancing on his desk. see picture.

User-inserted image


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Nice! Glad to see others on here watch that show - I'm a huge fan.:) haven't watched that episode yet, looking forward to it!
Found this image on one of the iZombie blogs - i should make an animated gif of vaugn dancing with JD lol

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"That dancing robot + Steven Weber's dancing = AMAZING"

Love this quote from a tv.com review: http://www.tv.com/shows/izombie/community/post/izombie-season-2-episode-10-method-head-review-145264439951/


"You don’t get much goofier than Vaughn Du Clarke mimicking his robot’s movements. How funny was that?"

from: http://www.tvovermind.com/izombie/izombie-season-2-episode-10-review-method-head