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Jd Not Working Properly

Hello! I recently bought a JD ezrobot and I have been trying to make it work properly for a few days now. I built the robot twice already (with the motors facing the right way) and have connceted the wires, again, twice. I also calibrated the motors, as said in the calibrating lesson so basically I did every thing I could.

Now, I have encountered a few problems:

  1. There is an almost permanent buzzing sound coming probably from the motors. Sometimes it stops, but most of the time it keeps on going.
  2. JD seems not to walk straight (truns slowly to his right). It walks good backwards though.

If anyone could give me a helping hand and explain where I went wrong, I will be really apreciating it.

Thanks! Here is the video:" target='_blank' rel="nofollow">


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Do you have the latest ARC download and JD project...? I assume you have done the tutorials?

  1. Most servos buzz to some degree or another... My inMoov buzzes like a hornets nest sometimes... doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong... However, buzzing with smoke is really bad...

  2. not all servos are created equal.... some output more than others and some position different than others, it's totally normal...

DJ has given us sample Revolution robot projects, however sometimes you (we) may have to tweak the software a little to get our robots to function the way we want them to.... it's part of the fun...:)

P.S. Your video link appears to be dead....

  1. All servos buzz, but JD's are particularly loud due to his weight being supported by two servos. This doesn't mean they're broken, unless (as @Richard said) they're smoking.

  2. JD is not going to walk perfectly straight. Look at any humanoid and you will see that there is always a slight turn, my humanoid does the same thing. Since JD doesn't have any kind of sensor that can monitor direction, he won't know which way he's walking. Servos move from position to position, but they won't always do exactly as told, which means that sometimes the legs don't move to the position all the way. This can cause inconsistency in the walking gait which in turn will change his direction slightly over time;)


@Sudo... So true... Even humans do not walk straight... It has been noted that people lost in the woods end up usually walking in a big circle because they favour one side of their body over the other... I am right handed... I bat right and I shoot right in hockey... For me my right side is stronger than my left.. Without the aid of a GPS, I probably would end up walking in a big left circle if I were lost in the woods...:)


Thank you for the help!