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Jd Not Charging

How can my charger working? When we plug JD into a series 2 charger we get 3 flashing red lights, battery not connected properly. I reset the cable, waited, tried a different outlet. We have not used in for a long time.


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The battery is no longer able to charge. This happens when stored with a dead battery for a long time. Do not worry, this can be easily remedied with a battery replacement. Also, id recommend upgrading to the latest charger.

Ensure you're using the latest software and jd project. Watch the robot program to learn more about programming and care of your robot.

Have fun!:)


Thanks, since you’re in Canada can I get a 3rd party battery local, does it have a special connector?


@mmenzela I would buy the EZrobot battery as it fits in the case, has connector for EZB and works with the ballance charger you have. You really don't want to buy a 3rd party battery if you don't know how to read / calculate required volts, amps C Rates etc. I used to race drones and it is not uncommon for someone who doesn't know what they are doing result in a fire when charging a LiPo at the wrong C Rate. You can buy from local retailer. My favourite in Canada is Robot Shop and they have one in US Battery is $20


Ty, I was going to get it there actually but I also wanted a new charger and I could not find it on there site...


@techguru I totally get it, you know to look for a 7.4v 2S 25C LiPo with XT60 and JST-XH Male connectors as you have taken the time to research LiPo's and you know you can charge it with a 2S charger at 1C or even 2C because you have some foundational knowledge. The challenge with recommending an OEM battery is for example, @mmenzella now says (as he just did) "I also want a new charger" . So yeah he may find a 2S, 1,000mAh - 2,000mAh charger and it will work fine but if someone else advises him to by an OEM charger that tries to charge the battery at say 10 ,000mAh (7.5C) we can almost guarantee he will either smoke it or reduce life of battery.

Again I would recommend he buys the EZ-Robot battery and the EZ-Robot charger, he has the guarantee it will work in his robot (or he can save $10 and hope he chooses all the components correctly).


Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of the help. One of the issues was the US dealers do not have the stock and could not even tell me if they had a series 3 charger. I ordered a battery as I am not sure I need the new charger, since I only used it once. JD is brand new and I only charged him once and then my Dad passed away so he sat for 3 months. If the battery does not get rid of the charging error I will get a new charger I suppose.


The series 2 chargers are not bad, I just think the series 3 (from what I have heard, don't have one yet) deal better if your batteries get too far out of balance. The series 2 will tell you there is a problem, but not fix it. And, perhaps more importantly for a global company, the series 3 comes with international plugs instead of North America only plug.

It is way way better than the series 1 charger though. It got really hot in use and I was afraid to even leave the room for a few minutes while using it.