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Jd Makes Us Breakfast

The wonderful Varij taught JD how to make us breakfast this morning. What a guy! ;)


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The new guy needs to teach him to do the dishes next. .. lol
what did he make?
He just poured some cereal into the bowl and added milk afterwards.:)
That's all fine and dandy, but I ordered bacon an eggs... :( JD can forget his tip now...:P
haha @Richard R- I am also a fan of bacon and eggs...we did teach Roli to cut a banana, so really bacon and eggs shouldn't be too hard. I say we start a breakfast-making competition. :D

User-inserted image
I should note that we were VERY careful with the knife... ;)
@aislinn That's why there is a blade protector on in the picture;)
If you give JD the knife we can call him Chucky....:P
JD is not to be trusted with sharp objects... maybe you can try that one:P
Crap... there goes my JD Halloween surprise now....:D
I'm sure the safety scripts were on red alert! ;) At least there was no blood!