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Jd Head Eye Faulty

Not sure whether to handle this with a return.

I picked up a humanoid head (among other parts) to add to my Roli base. Everything works fine except the middle right pixel of the left eye does not display any shade of red. Green, blue are fine but it's unable to display red which obviously screws that pixel up for everything except for colors utilizing only blue & green.

I haven't taken it apart to see what's going on but I'm sure you folks can tell me very quickly how to handle this faulty part.

I just received this part today so if a return is what's required, that's okay.

Thanks, Dave

PS Also, I purchased this through the website (because the store was out of stock at that time). If a return is required, should I go back through stemfinity or would ez-robot handle this?


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It wouldn't be an easy fix - mostly because it sounds like the LED isn't soldered correctly (called a cold solder usually). Reference this thread and Contact Us for a replacement JD head:)


I used the Contact Us page to submit a Warranty Claim. I'm assuming that's what you meant?

Thanks, Dave


Received the replacement head yesterday and tested this morning. Everything works correctly with this one. Thanks!


Awesome! Great to hear. :)