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Jd Dead After Realign 180 Degrees

My robot wasn't walking straight. When I attempted to realign the robot I clicked realign 180 degrees and robot curled up and burning smell came out of it. After that it wouldn't charge or turn on. How do I diagnose the problem to narrow down to the part that needs to be replaced? Also, its under warranty. Would something like this qualify for a replacement under warranty?


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Unfortunately we won't be able to assist on the forum. You'll need to Contact Us for options.

By moving all servos into the 180 degree position, your robot will be damaged. There’s no instructions that instruct to do so. The care of servos in the learn manuals state to align at 90 degrees and warn not to move servos past their physical limits.

Unfortunately you moved the servos passed the physical limits and that’s damaged the servos - which isn’t covered under warranty.

Because this we want to get you up and running. Contact Us and we can arrange a discount to replace your servos.

We’ve put a great deal of effort in the robot program videos and lessons to prevent this. A robot joint is similar to yours as a human. If you move too far and push to hard, you will damage yourself - much like what happened to your robot.

Consult the getting started guide included with your robot for care of servos and battery charging, etc.