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This is a tricky one.  ARC is based on .net so it doesn't run on Mac OS natively.  You can run it in windows on a VM using Virtual Box (free) or Parallels.   If you have some good technical skills you can get it working on mono but it is not officially supported anymore.  I did try it with WineHQ a while ago and never got it working but I don't believe WineHQ works on Mac OS Catalina (32bit 64bit issue) but there is a tool called Playonmac (not tried) that you may want to try.  

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The new MACs were launched yesterday and they no longer use x86 chips.  The challenge is everyone on MAC runs a windows VM and this now becomes an issue when we upgrade. 

I guess we are going to need a new solution .NET core ?   Container ?
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Work provides my computer and I sit in front of it all day on zoom and Webex taking notes and being very constructive and I absolutely am never playing with robots while I do this. 

Anyway I hate windows, and if we had a multi architecture container option we could also use it on decent low cost SBC's like Pi and take advantage of GPU for onboard ML.  I like the Rock Pi X but after you buy Board, heatsink (or case), fan, PSU, antenna, eMMC  etc convert to CAD it gets quite pricy.
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Nink, we had the raspberry pi version of ARC which actually ran on macOS, but it was hugely limited in features. .net runs well across platforms - but it’s the Operating system level calls we struggled with for cross platform support. As you know, Synthiam wraps technologies into skills to be used in arc. We don’t necessarily create the technologies, rarely do we in fact. Because the libraries of the technologies are written by their respective authors, the libraries generally are not cross platform. This arose a huge problem where only 25% of the skills were cross platform compatible. 

on top of that, the code base of development effort of ARC doubled, which was taking away from the primary dev channel and we noticed increase of bugs. Lastly, the number of cross platform users was below 20. To put that in perspective, there’s almost 40,000 ARC users in windows and 20 with alternate operating systems. 

Now that Apple is making yet another weird decision about running arm as pc cpu, we’ll see some interesting performance challenges. They’ve been able to achieve compatible performance out of their processor thus far - however, the question remains if they can keep that up as a competitive advantage. Given how much effort it has taken to develop ONE processor that is compatible for single task processing, I’m going to be surprised if the cost savings let’s them continue developing more CPU’s that keep up. 

That’s a little off topic but the question now adds additional compatibility issues. Even if the .net runtime works on their new cpu without emulation, will any of the libraries work? And specifically, will any legacy libraries even bother to be updated?

With all the issues of incompatibilities across Mac and PC, it’s probably best to run windows in a vm as suggested. I recall someone getting ARC to run in wine, but I have yet to successfully do it myself.