JD Heads Are Wobbly

I have two JDs and heads are very wobbly and loose. I cannot seem to find details on the manuals online.  Anyone have tips on what to do?  I can upload photos if that helps.


Susan cool

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FYI here is the photo of the droopy JDs.

User-inserted image


Hello @smurray,

Is there a loose screw at the base of the head? If so, undo the servo screw on the left side of the neck servo (as can be seen in the picture), flex the neck bracket a bit to remove it and then tighten the screw that holds the neck bracket to the head. One thing to note is that you'll need to put the bracket in the exact position as where you removed it. If you've lost the position you can always set the neck servo to 90 degrees and then put the bracket on with the head in the normal rest position (as our heads are positioned on our bodies).

Is the neck bracket stripped? If so, you can 3D print a new one or contact EZ-Robot support to order some replacements.


Thanks for these tips.  I'll try them and let you know!

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You may have an issue with the plastic grooves being damaged on the servo horn (the plastic that connects to the servo).  I have had trouble with ankles and hips where the grooves wear out on the plastic that connects. I just print another a new part with a 3D Printer, but printed parts are not as strong and wear out quicker.