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United Kingdom
Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Iternet Connection

I have 2 JD Humanoids, both connect to the internet and initialise then go dead, still connected, blue light constant, but with no functions, The camera says its ready but when switched on immediately stops. If I disconnect and turn the robot off the site stay available and stops normal connections to the internet, I have to reboot the PC to get back to normal. This has happened in the recent passed but quickly gets back to normal. Has anybody else experienced this?

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I’ll need a bit more information to help diagnose.

How do you have the jd robots connected to the internet? Are the ezb’s in client mode and connecting to your wifi router?
United Kingdom
I connect via EZ-Bv4.x/2c893465b.1674
The same as I have for some years now
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It looks like you are connecting directly to the PC through AP mode. 

Try turning off your antivirus and firewall just to test. One of them may be blocking your connection(s). 

Are you connecting both robots to your PC at the same time? Maybe try just connecting one. There may be a conflict.
United Kingdom
Looks like it was the firewall stopping some incoming connection on the private network. Thanks for the help
Nice! I'm glad you got that fixed. I've pulled my hair out over things like this.
United Kingdom
Thanks for your help again Dave. Yeah I was at that stage but don't really have enough hair to start pulling it out.


don't really have enough hair to start pulling it out
LOL! Good thing you found the issue then.