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Is It Possible To Control JD Humanoid Through A Remote PC Over Wifi ?

Normally, we can connect the JD humanoid robot with a PC where ARC is installed. I checked that the JD humanoid robot is controllable within a typical range of 10-15 meters. However, I was wondering if we can extend the range as JD uses WiFi to connect to the PC.
Can we keep the robot connected to a local PC but still use a remote PC from which can send commands to the robot to perform various actions?

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I think you should be able to use Teamviewer to do the job
There are many ways you can extend the range of JD (the EZ-Bv4). You can use an external USB wifi dongle with large antenna, use a router to connect via client mode, parabolic wifi antenna, etc. Search for any solutions that maximize your wifi range.