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Is There A Schematic Or Block Diagram For The Ez-Board

My subject is my question, I was wondering if there might be some documentation on the EZ-board in the form of a block diagram or a schematic. I am interested in the 3 Regulator and there appears to be a fuse between 2 of them. From the hardware manual I gathered that one of the regulators is one amp and that is probably for the micro and the bluetooth board. The other one was a 3 amp and it is probably for the external devices that are plugged into the D zero - D19. My guess that the VR3 is a 3.0v regulator, not sure what it is used for.

I am use to using schematics to find my way around a printed circuit board , so it is my perferred way of learning about the circuit. I understand that in some cases a schematic is not provided because it might allow other to copy one works. If that is the case I do not have a problem with it.

Why I am asking about documentation, is there a way of testing the signal coming out of the bluetooht dongle that I plug into my laptop. I have notice that making connection to the EZ-board depends on how close it is to the dongle. I think I read where the bluetooth on the EZ-board is a class 2 and is good for about 30 feet. Thanks for any input



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Copying the board isn't an issue because the brains are within the chip and the PC software. The schematics aren't published because mostly they are just confusing and not necessary. The details of the VR's can be found in the manual here: http://www.ez-robot.com/manual

As for the bluetooth, the connections are marked with TX and RX respectively. There is also +5 and GND.
Hi DJ,
What is the signal voltage for the RS232, I see the power in is 5 volts but that does not mean that the signal voltage is the same, it could be 3.3 volts like other blue tooth devices I have ( alas I too would like full blown confusing schematics )

With DJ's blessing I may be able to create the schematic, but it's up to him.

To answer Dave's question, the bluetooth carrier board has a 3.3V regulator and logic level translation circuitry to go from the 3.3V based logic on the bluetooth module to the 5V logic on the PIC chip.