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Is There A Hardware Timer To Turn On Robot At A Set Time ?

Is there a neat hardware timer that will turn a robots power on and off at a set times. Something like this would be great so that your robot can come alive at a time in the morning and read the weather reports. Then you could also add fun scripts that makes him wave his arms in different gestures depending if the weather is going to be good or bad. Then he could switch off.


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He has it fixed now, where all you need is to turn on the power and everything can start automatically. You might even be able to hook up a wireless remote for the power.
I'm thinking a digital timer, like the ones that switch on and off the power to appliances in your home. I understand all the things that can happen once you power the robot with a switch, wireless remote etc. A small timer switch would be great - any ideas ?
I'm just thinking, in my case I would need a timer for power to the board and one for power to the H-Bridge. Our version of Radio Shack called JCAR has a few 12 volt dc versions but in my case it would need to handle 7 - 12 volts dc. I wonder if there is something I can hack that can make connections at set times ?
This is what I'm thinking but I would need 2. Once Bob switches on in the morning I would have the computer in the computer room set to hook up to the board after the time the Robot switches on and have it give a command for weather and traffic forecast etc..if I get it working it will be pretty cool..I think robots can be more than toys that roam around your house. Total autimation...the way to go ..

This is an example I found of a power timer. They retail for $20 as a kit.

User-inserted image
Here are some more examples of 12 volt timer switches. They look fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Robosapien turns himself into sleep mode to save power when not used - that would be a great add-on if we had something that could plug into the EZ-B ,

12 volt timer switches
OK..I've ordered 2 digital timers for $16 to power up and de-power Bob. I'm amazed out of 2000 or so builds on this site, no-one has tried this...should be fun :) :) :)