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Is The Ez:1 Robot Trying To Look Like His Big Bro Doombot

Is the EZ:1 robot trying to look like his big bro Doombot - I do not think so as he is way not hard enough!

On this picture you can see the four gloss white ultrasonic array transducers in the base.

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haha! Is he growing? He looks a lot bigger or is it just me?
Youre almost there my bro just need some proper claws...very nice and very white!:D
United Kingdom

I think its having both arms that make him look bigger, he is looking awesome now in the lab, the emotion from the eyes and LED rims are cool.

Yes, it is very white, I think thats my age where I expect a robot to look like white goods appliances like fridges, dishwashers etc. I would love to see EZ:1 aged and made to look worn, maybe a photoshop pro will be able to do this for me!

Have you received the Bosch motors yet?

No I haven't received the motors yet. I have been playing with them since Dave S sent me the ones you sent him...pretty impressive for such a small motor...I will use them for another project.

EZ:1 looks great man. He'll get worn out for real when he starts ACTING like an appliance, :D