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Is Bing Speech Rec Still Free?

I received an email saying my azure account has been cancelled unless I pay after the trial period has ended. The plugin has stopped working for me. I thought this was a free service if you kept under a cap or something which I definitely have.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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I think Dave S chimed into a thread when that question was asked a few weeks ago. I think there is some additional steps to get it going again..but i think its still free...i hope!


Hopefully he re-chimes because I can't find it. No luck so far.


Thanks Jean Luc, I did register and enter my credit card info. They still cancelled it. I am trying to fix it with them now.


Yep, That's correct. You need to subscribe to the pay per use program. You need to give them a credit card number but the Bing Speech if a free service and you won't get charged. I monitored it for a month and never recorded any chargeable usage or had a charge to my account. They are very vague about all this and after studying all the info about this on their site I couldn't find anywhere where they really spelled it out other then repeating that the Bing Speech is a free service.


Look at the links in my post where they give the pricing informations


Just in case you don't want to follow the links Jlucben was so kind to provide:

Bing Speech API  Free, Transactions: 5,000 transactions free per month

Bing Speech isn't mentioned in the FAQ specifically, but with some of the other free cognitive services they say they just throttle you and you don't incur overages on the free tier. I would assume that means you get cut off at 5,000.


Well I reactivated my account. Perhaps cancelling them after 90 days is a new thing. I had to register for the 'pay as you go' option for billing but as mentioned above, there is a 5000 call per month free cap which I will never break.

Thanks all.