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Ip Cameras

DJ Sures there are several apps for both Android and ios that turn your camera into a ip webcam. Is there any way you can add the capability to use ip webcams in EZ-Builder

thank you


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You would like to put your android device on your robot?

We'd have to find one reliable IP cam to support. I'd suspect each one has their own unique video protocol. Unless they do use a standard. I haven't looked into it, but if there is demand for putting a phone on the robot, it's something to consider:)
Not sure if this would help iPhone because I honestly don't know if there is a client for it, but Google Talk has an API for 3rd parties to do video, voice, and text, so you could support Android phone video pretty easily that way. It could even be 2-way video to support tel-presence robots. I am looking into the API's to see if we can use the new Telnet Scripting support to drive other functions based on the many other sensors that Android supports, but it is slow going because I need to actually learn to code Java first and I have bigger fish to fry right now. Things will move faster when I get my EZ-B (which you just shipped --- Hurray!!!!) and can start really playing with things and see how it responds. On the other hand, every time I have an idea about what I might want to code, within a few weeks, you have added it to ARC, so if I am just patient I'll get everything I need without doing any work:)

Soon as I have time, i'm going to publish the communication control for Android. And i'm also publishing the communication protocol for the ez-b. It's on the list, but we have so many things ahead of it:)
Very cool DJ. No complaints from my end. The pace of new features is awesome.