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You can get an IP Cam to work with EZ Robot if it comes with Windows drivers and so appears as another device. I got my IPhone to work using the EpoCam app however it wasn't much good as the IPhone camera resolution is too high so the pic looks zoomed in! I am trying another camera but no widows drivers as yet


I have worked with this a bit. What is needed is a bridging adapter that can pull in a video stream from the ip cam and bridge it over to be used as a windows video device.

Below is an IP Camera Adapter that I found (not sure if this is the same one being discussed or not). I tried it but could not get it to work as this adapter only works with MJPG or static images which my camera does not. I can pull the video stream from my IP camera using VLC Media player. I just need to find an adapter that will work. Another app out there is ANY Webcam that I have heard some folks have gotten to do what I am looking for...but still have not had any luck.

Hope this helps a little with others trying to integrate ip cams to ARC.

IP Camera Adapter





J_snake, I ordered a similar camera off ebay a couple of weeks back. It should have cleared customs by now so I'm expecting it the next day or two. The EZB IDE should still recognize it as a valid camera (hoping) but you won't have access to the tilt/pan features. Based on the actual cam (there are many clones out there) it should ship with an OCX control that you can embed within a form. This of course means utilizing the sdk over the EZB IDE. Secondly at this stage I can't say what functionality is embedded within the control. I purchased the camera as an experiment.

I'm looking to do some image processing using (or c#) and sql so at this stage I am uncertain whether I'll be utilizing the EZB camera routines or something else. Either way, I may have some additional answers later in the week, time permitting. I can't test with the EZB board for a while yet as I'm at bottom of the shipping list (still flagged as new order). Hopefully my order will clear within the next couple of weeks.