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Iotiny Questions

So, does the IoTiny work with everything that the original EZ-B worked with? I ended up somehow breaking my EZ-B a couple years ago due to a 1DI0T error, and I might start looking into working on robotics again. But first, a couple questions: Was there a redesign of the camera? I think I remember a camera redesign being brought up at some point, and I lost the original camera so I need to pick up a new one eventually. Secondly, does "microphone input" mean an actual onboard input, or is it just through ARC?

also, hello again everyone.


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iOtiny has no UART port but otherwise it is a mini EZB4 (less IOs, only 8 digital and 2 analog)... Neither the ezb4 nor the iOtiny currently have a microphone... Camera is version 2 and plugs directly into the ezb4 or iOtiny board...


Welcome back @Sudo! The only thing I would add to what @Richard R has already mentioned is that the microphone input is not available yet but it's a future feature we are working on.