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Io-Tiny Cannot Find To Purchase In The Usa

I have been looking to purchase the Io-Tiny. I have looked at all the USA re-sellers as listed on the EZ-Robot Site. Most recently, Robot Shop has seem to taken down their link for the sale of the IO-Tiny.

Does anyone know of an USA seller that has the IO-Tiny in stock? Where do I purchase?

A separate question: What is the status of the RGB Display? What is the status of the Neo Pixel?



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Forgot to add, i know ez-robot is in canada, but canada is nice and close, shipping would be fast.:D


Forgot to add, i know ez-robot is in canada, but canada is nice and close, shipping would be fast.

Except that all ez robot products are manufactured and drop shipped from China. You have a better chance of getting them faster than North America... The only thing in Canada is EZ Robot's head office...
Ah didn't know everything was shipped from there, i had this vision of the crew in Canada putting my order together...the gloss is gone!:D

Just kidding my kit is currently shining.*cool*
@NEWAGETOMY : Thank You for the link. The shipping is rather steep.

So, I guess my only choice is to pay for the steep shipping? I am still looking for an USA seller.
Wayne i could have bought myself a few developer kits with what i've paid in shipping to Australia from the USA. Our dollar is 74 cents to your dollar, so at least your paying in USD.

Try living over here and then pay an arm and a leg to ship vintage robots and the like, it adds up.

But to me they are well worth the investment and shipping is just one of those things we have to live with.

Still don't know what you mean about steep shipping though because your paying in USD?

I mean cost of standard vs priority/express, etc is different sure, but well worth it when you think about it, if you saw what went on behind the scenes you would realize its actually a good deal.:)
My Io Tiny order from Roboshop is now b/o untill august.
Thats crazy. Ive just gone through every shop in the usa, and stemfinity has the most products available, but no Tiny as you would have noticed also.

Why didn't you just order it from ez-robot?
Last order from Ez-Robot,

Ez-B v4 Comm Upgrade. 29.99 USD
18 RGB Led block. 19.99 USD


TAX & Duty. 25.50 Can

Delivery and tax / duty have cost me more than the product i bought.
I don't mine waiting for delivery from Roboshop.
Wish they had some in stock for everyone in Canada.
I got servos, EZ bits,EZ IO tiny and other items and the shipping was around $26 USD and no tax or duty fees.
So, an order to robot shop, yielded a back order for the tiny until August?

How does that work? Robot shop orders a lot? Then sits on the shelf?
Ok, another question. If someone who has one, would be so kind as to post a picture of one with a ruler, and something in comparison. The idea in mind is to mount on a wall.

@ptp Thanks!

That really helped!
OMG Canada has nothing either....2 shops?

One of you guys from Canada...and USA needs to step up and become an online distributer for ez-robot...

Don't reply here, just email them and make it happen.
Much love Canada. :)
We have a internet online division in our company. We tried to become a warehouse retail distributor but was turned down. Here was the reason : "Your idea for distribution is a little outside what we currently support." I did not get a call back. I am still interested in making it a new division for our company but it seems it is hard to communicate our continued desire. We have the resources to provide warehousing of all parts and packages and would assure fast delivery. The only thing we need is information to build our business plan.

I am also a builder of ARC Robots and I really see the need to get reliable US retail support in the US. We are ready and able to provide it.
I made another order last night last night while our dollar was falling, i ordered a lol tiny and a camera, over $200AUD to have those shipped here.

I'm not complaining by any means, but having those parts available here would have been fantastic.
Would it be possible for someone at Ez-Robot to investigate the reason as to no IO-Tiny in stock at suppliers?
The IoTiny was not initially offered to resellers for a two reasons:
1. There was no product packaging
2. The pricing of IoTiny made it so it could not fall under their existing reseller agreements

We are working diligently to remedy both of these points at which time the IoTiny will be available for purchase at many reseller locations.

RobotShop now carries a wide array of EZ-Robot accessories. Robots4all.be also carries a significant number of EZ-Robot items for those of you accross the pond. Additional resellers are carying more and more product so keep checking back to the reseller nearest you.

It takes a significant amount of time for a retailer to dedicate shelving space and captial into holding inventory of a perticular product line, especially one with as many offerings as EZ-Robot. It isn't as simple as calling them up and saying there is some demand in their area or all of our resellers would have all of our items:)

We continue to explore distribution and logistics options that are cost effective, work well with our reseller network and provide an affordable way for people to get their hands on EZ-Robot products.

Thank You.

So, for now the only way to get the IO Tiny is to order thru the EZ-Robot Site?

Are you able to advise on the status of the RGB 8x8 Display, and the NeoPixel Blaster?
I ordered the IO Tiny from ez-robot, everything from ez-robot is getting here faster than my ebay orders.

After ordering from ez-robot and another site, i wont be using ebay anymore, that place has some very nasty sellers.

The RGB 8x8 Display's can be found now.
I have been ordering lots of stuff each week for the past several weeks and yes EZ Robot is getting much faster at shipping and everything works very well.
My ez-robot order came before an australian order which i had ordered after my ez-robot order would you believe...still hasn't arrived, and its what i need to power the ezb up...ah its always the little things...

I wanted to clarify when you stated "the RGB 8x8 can be found now". Where on the EZ Robot Site Can these be ordered?

User-inserted image
What @WayneA is looking for isn't the same as what @NewAgeTomy supplied. These are not available yet, but I have seen them working in person when I visited EZ-Robot last year. I think it is an issue of "introducing new items into the manufacturing chain" thing.

@WayneA is asking about products that are not yet produced. The one on the reseller's site has been available for about 2 years now.