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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Invoke Custom Api From Project (Ez Script)

I would like to ask, whether it is possible to call custom API from robot. I would need to run several Microsoft's cognitive services, which are not supported directly by plugins. E.g. Face Recognition and Identification. Please is there a way how to invoke those from project built for JD Humanoid?

Thanks DJ Sures, I started with the plugin. However I am not able to access JD's camera. This does not return the JD's camera. var cameras = EZ_B.Camera.GetVideoCaptureDevices(); Please what is the way, to discover it ? PS: I do not want to connect to existing camera control. Would like to access camera separately. Thank you!
Thanks DJ Sures. I have also found this example: https://github.com/ppedro74/ez-robot-form-application/tree/master/EZFormApplication which implements connection to camera. I would like to note however one problem I had using SDK. When I reference EZ_B.dll in my project, Visual Studio identifies dll to be in version 2015.7.28.0. It is however higher. File metadata states version 2017.07.22.00 . This causes problem when I want to build and run the project, as Visual Studio is not able to find 2015.7.28.0 version. Isn't there some versioning mismatch between metadata and the dll itself? PS: I do use do not copy setting when referencing dll. Thank you!.