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As JD can can be used as an interactive robot, kindly let me know how to make it recognize my face. How to make it to find an object, grab it and bring it to me. And i have many more tasks to perform with JD. How to make all these things. confused


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South Africa

To make him reconise your face use the ez face app Heres a link EZ-face If you need help and you make a thread you should put the thread as require assistance not general conversation

United Kingdom

EZ-Face won't work with JD's on-board camera at the moment, or any IP camera, only a USB connected or built-in PC/laptop web cam. I believe the developer of EZ-Face is working on this, as it is a third party app and not developed by EZ-Robot.


ok thank you this was first post and i am completely new to thiss kind of discussions. i'll contact you for further clarifications.