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Inmoov Eye Mod For The Ez-B V4 Camera

Here is a quick mod I made up to fit the EZ-B Camera into the inmoov left eye.
Just print it out and the camera slips in easily.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Thanks. I am just installing mine. I have a design where the cable exits the side. I wonder which provides the best clearance for the cable.
I would like to see it. Post it here and I'll try it out.
looks good, thanks for sharing
Will the PCB sit upright or have you rotated it 90 degrees? I put mine upright so won't have to figure out how to rotate the screen.
Rotated 90 deg. It's just a simple check box in the camera control so not much to figure out there.
I put some double sided tape in it and stuck the heat sink to that. The design should probably have a ventilation hole like yours.
Here's my setup. I find that the cable bends pretty easy in this orientation.

User-inserted image
Yes it looks good. I didn't have an issue with the cable in my version either. The camera lens centred nicely too.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Great. Looks like there are a few opportunities out there now.
What is used is the right eye? Following Gaels tutorial, he has camera mounts in both eyes (I think) but I'm only going to use one camera for mine. Do I not need anything for the right side? I want to make sure the eye mechanism mounts together properly. Thanks!
You only need a camera in one eye. The other eye just goes along for the ride... you could put and LED in the other eye for some fun effects.

Are you using ez-robot equipment?

The camera can go in either left or right eye .
Excellent. I've not committed to either MRL or EZ Robot, but I'm leaning very heavily toward EZ Robot for the ease of use.
I have a few other questions about how it works, such as, can the robot handle answering questions and performing tasks on request or is it all done via mouse clicks behind the scenes?

Thank you for your answer, maybe I will add an LED then, should be fun.:)


I have a few other questions about how it works, such as, can the robot handle answering questions and performing tasks on request or is it all done via mouse clicks behind the scenes?

Yes it can be asked questions. Simple programming and imagination is all you need... Ez robot supports complete voice recognition including using Bing speech (or google) and Microsoft cognitive services... no mouse clicks needed...
Well that settles it then. I'll be ordering EZ Robot today! Thank you!
You can download ARC now and start playing around with it. You don't have to wait for parts to show up.
For those who needs 2 camera's in inMoov, here is the right (mirrored) version :

(for example, one eye for tracking and one eye just for looking around)


This is the adapter design from '3dPrinterGuy', I prefer this version because the EZ-camera fits very well.
I was having a problem with one of my IP camera and the video freezing.
After researching on the net I found this

"Image rotation of the video stream to either 90° or 270° degrees adds an additional load to the encoding processor. The pixels will have to be rearranged and buffered before they are sent to the decoder, causing delay."

I just happen to read this post today and thought others might like to know.
If it affects the speed of EZB in any way I don't know.

Just my 2 cents!
Thanks Herr Ball. Do you have a link to that. I have to rotate so I would like to know more.