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Infra Red Commands From Ezb

Hi Dj
Just another application idea for you.
Currently I control my Tv using voice commands using EZb .
I hacked my universal remote ,made up a few switching circuits & use the digital outputs of EZb to give commands.

I note from Robosapien Video that you inject the infra red commands into its reciever circuit,

Would it be possible to devise a Infred Red Reciever that would extract infra red remote commands ,save it in Ezb,
Connect IR Transmitter to EZB Port
Now you can control any IR Device With voice commands



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This is actually an ez process I did this exact idea using the tv remote to increase/decrease the intensity of a light bulb and switch between 5 different bulbs. However I did this on the HC12 microprocessor. You can get an IR receiver from Radioshack that runs off 5V and output the signal to the ADC of the EZ-B. You would have to set up a timer to watch how long the ADC port is driven high, as the IR signal is PWM. I used input capture on the HC12. Then basiclly on the high time you could chop the signal up into binary 1/0s .
There is support for i2c ir receiver to do that in ARC:)
see i told you it was that ez lol DJ
Must do some research over weekend.
Should have known, there;s nothing the EZB cannot do :P
Thank You both