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Important Questions For Ez Professional Users

first im not good in english though sorry for this i want to make some tasks with my robot so i ask can i use ez to do

1- i iwill connect xbee model or any 900mhz model on my pc and connect it to second xbee and i will programe xbee to connect to third xbee that iwill connect to ez board insted of bluetooth i do this as i need very long rang control and i cant use internet as no internet in that place so i must use 900mhz so can i do this with ez board

2-if i wll use singl board computer to controt ez board the problem that i want very small board so i found this boards

first is 7*7cm very small and run run windows 7

second is EPIA-P910 10cm x 7.2cm

third is ETX-8X90

all run win 7 and i see that i can control ez throug usb can i do this

and is ther are any other boards that can run ez programe on it but at similer dimentions as the three need configration and need heat disppasions and other things

smllest is the best as i planing in future to connect it to micro cotroller of ez and make very small board that contain all in very small board can do this also

3-if iconnec to ez by xbee like in my first qestion and connect the ez board by single board computer throug usb so ez board now connected by 2 methods in same time( xbee +pc) (usb + single board computer) can i do this

4- can i use ez ports like any micocontroller like if specifi data get from xbee then do the task that i want

also can i make 2 ez boards connect each other like any 2 micro controllers with xbee to excahnge data

can i connect camera throgh 12c

5-can i use all function that in ARC throgh vb sdk

and contro all ports as example if i connect 12c camera to 12c port in ez what code in vb for this


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I'm no expert on these questions but from what I have read and done myself I think most if not all of what you ask is possable with EZ-B. You may be among the first to give some of this a try as EZ-B has only been around for about 2 years.

Now I do know that EZ-B is compatable with XBee and others here have managed to replace the Bluetooth with it.

You an run up to 5 EZ-B boards and controll all of them from ARC or even controll them with VB SDK. There is a EZ-SDK program also but I know nothing of that. I use ARC as I'm very new to programing. I personally have 3 ez-b bords installed in my robot and all work nicely with each other. The information exchange happenes in the computer that ARC is located on and sent to each of the boards as needed. All boards and commands need to be routed through ARC, VB, C++, SDK or EZ SDK programs.

I'm sure a 12c camera will work with EZ-B. I havent done it but EZ-B supports 12c.

As far as a small mother board all you will need is a dual core with 2 gb memory and Windows 7 seems to run best.

ARC or EZ SDK only works with the EZ-B board as far as I know. There has been talk of it working with the Leaf-AI but I think it's a hack someone did.

There has been a lot of talk about most of these things on this forum lately. Do a search and you will find a lot of info. If I'm wrong about any of this or someone has anything to add I'm sure they will chime in. There are others here more knowing then I.

Welcome and good luck.


I know nothing of 12c other then EZ-b supports it.


check out the ZOTAC NANO very small compters most under 7 inch by 7 inch and few at 5 inch by 5 inch,some are dual processors at 1.6 ghz and higher and some have more then 4 mb of memory very easy handle windows 7 and low cost.

ON the camera why not use web camera,second why do you need XBEE are you using only one robot with a few EZB'S in it or each robot having a EZB and a computer


I'll post a link of the thread, but some one here gives you detailed instructions on how to connect the wireless antennas and what ext. Boards to use. Even tells you what "diod to bypass"..sound complicated but its not.


Here is a very small nano size computer 5 inch by 5 inch dual core 1.7 mhz and up to 8mb of memory dont want to go too high in speed,mainly will use a lot of wattage (battery power) and you dont want to go to small also in speed,if using windows 8 32 bit all you need is about 1.6 mhz and 4 gig of memory,aslong you only using EZB software

dual core nano computer


Great find robotmaker , gives me more ideas for the wiki


can do my friend JOSH, I bought one for my lynxmotion johnny five project,but will need to remove the case from it since its just under 5 inches my space i have for it ,and its 5 inches by 5 inches.

Be good on the WIKI to add sensors,i know so many many links of sensors ,may be a 100 or more,all types


Another idea i had for awhile is to have website selling robotic sensors of every type and have a some i made for too,it will take awhile,

Mostly to finish some of my designs and then have the pcb's out to be made