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I wonder if it is possible to control ARC that can open image files and display them on the screen, such as. Jpg or. Bmp, Wow, I can not stop dreaming! Would be something like the control "sound board", an image file manager that are preloaded with an identification number and then played, that such "image board" example: ControlCommand ("imageboard" track_1) This could execute a sequence of images that form a graphic animation I can think of several utilities for this:

-Sequencing several images of the same face with different expressions to simulate emotions.

-Sequence images of a floor plan as the robot is navigating (the map of the house would be the same in all pictures but the robot's position would be different in each image, a kind of grid positioning)

-Sequencing a custom graphic for the different phases of a docking station auto recharge.

What you think?



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Why not use the Exec( EXE/Bat File, [parameters] ) command? Executes a windows application or batch file. The second parameter is a list of optional parameters Example: Exec("C:\Windows\Notepad.exe") Example: Exec("C:\Windows\Notepad.exe", "C:\MyFile.txt")

You could write a Batch file. Or better yet, get AutoHotKey and write a AHK script and have the Exec command run that?


Thanks man! Where was I when this command is announced? I just try and work, thought that was only open files with extension exe or bat, but it works with mp3 and jpg, all I see is that when you open an image file I fill the screen and ARC takes second plane. The truth is that today I translated ARC manual into Spanish and printed and I have not had time to read all the most current functions yet. greetings.:D

United Kingdom

15 pages of manual takes a while to read, although I recently have read it twice over but it's well worth it.

An AHK script compiled as an exe is one way to do it, and I am sure you can "import" ARC variables to the scripts (if by nothing else than a crude and messy .txt file that links the 2).

What about I2C graphic LCD displays? I have no experience with them nor the desire to get involved with I2C but they are out there, how easy to use there are is unknown to me though.


Glad it worked for you. I'm keeping my eye on this command. I haven't used it yet in my B9 project but I'm going to try it soon.