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Asked — Edited

Idea For You D.J.

Some others may benefit also.

Because of our agreement not to talk about other robots, I will not mention names.

There were two robots that in the last two years recognized themselves in a mirror. that recently, last year was very popular reading. They were said to be self-aware.

WARNING: This MAY go over some peoples head. (Like Mine)

Now, Moving more into the subject of Self-Awareness. I was recently reading Scientific America when i noticed some articles on a very different way of doing programming.

It said that Scientist had made their robots self-aware. The way that they did it was:

Program the robot like you do normally.
Preform an action after you have made a decision.
Think about what choice you have made.
Give yourself a score. You have either did well or made a mistake.
The score will be graded, so the highest score is what you are looking for.
They called it dividing it into two parts, the regular part and the new part that does
nothing but "Think about what you have Thought about."
They said by doing this it is like a human brain, two virtual hemispheres and a
Algorithm connecting the two by generalizing and evolving.

This sort-of reminded me of a system that used Confidence levels after actions. each action would bump UP the CLevel or bring down the FLevel. Next time it made a choice, it would not make the same mistakes, Making the robot smarter the longer it operated.

It is very hard for me to put into words. If you had such an Algorithm it would be nice. This could be put on the wait list , maybe.

Hope that this helped.


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If you want to look it up. It would be under Self-Reflecting Machines.
This is actually a really smart/easy way to have a robot make decisions!
Sounds like lots of programming though... but would be nice for it to evolve as it learns.
I don't think that it is much programming, but it is the method of using the Algorithm for doing that. I don't exactly know how to write it. But, someone does.