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I2c Lcd Displays

I have noticed that some of you are having problems with using I2C LCD displays so hopefully this may help.

User-inserted image

The serial displays I use are the LCD05


Here is a script example of how to use it in I2C mode

#SayWait("LCD Demo")

# first clear the screen and hide the cursor



# print at 1,3 first message

i2cWrite(0,0xc6,0,3,1,3,"The EZ-B is now")


# next print at 2,2 second message

i2cWrite(0,0xc6,0,3,2,2,"displaying on LCD")


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United Kingdom
Thanks, this may come in very handy should my LCD I ordered from China about 3 weeks ago not turn up this week.
United Kingdom
Rich the command codes for the Chinese displays will probably be different, the LCD05 has a hybrid PCB (with a PIC microcontroller) on the back that handles the comms.

I can really recommend the LCD05 displays, that work well and are a good price.
United Kingdom
I bit the bullet and ordered one, hopefully it'll be here this week and I can get it mounted and set up. Just writing the scripts for it now in preparation:)