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I Want To Buy 25- 30 Ez-B's For Kids

Dear Dj,
I want to create an after school program based around EZ-B hardware, CNC and Drafting. I want buy close to 30 kits but I need help coming up with a curriculum for kids. I need your help and the EZ- B community for more good Ideas. I just got the grant paper work and its due by February first. Any thing will help. Also I need more Ideas on how EZ-B will effect them in the long run with problem solving, math and reading skills.



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If you Contact Us, Alan will be able to help you with pricing. The educational curriculum is something we have been discussing for a while. Now that EZ-Script is a full featured development language, it's great for education.
I know. I following you for almost two years. I need more ideas for curriculum.
What age group are you targeting? Makes a difference in the level of sophistication of the projects and how much you leave to the kids imaginations vs providing specific instructions.

When I was in high school (30 years ago) I was in an after school robot building class, but we were doing all R/C or tethered control. We would have killed for something like EZ-B back then.

New Zealand
Rashad I am hoping to do the same with a smaller group of students in NZ.

Most are using the arduino to make a dice game but I want to do something real world with my EZ-B...
rashad where are you doing this at? im 13 and i got started with the ez-robot kit and i would to be love a after school program :D
I'm going to be in the Chicago Area / Oak park Area Illinois area. Hopefully I get the grant approved.
Have you guys seen the Hitec HSR-8498hb ?