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If someone happens to buy it, I d love to have a scan of the service manual!


me too,will pay for a scan of the service manual


If you are looking just for the schematics- these can be found on If you are looking for something cool for the Tomy collection (like me) - lets just ask the seller if hes willing to have it scanned for us =)


Ive actually been watching this item however I wont bid till near the end of the auction the less bids made the less I have to pay, depends on how high the bid gets up to.


@mikedc oldrobots sites is a great site for info ,been using that alot for info and some schematics service manual does have much more info

added a link to the full omnibot service manual

omnibot service manual

mmmm found out battery is good as charger,mine didnt have them ,but was good condition ,no battery or remote,going to have to bid in it ,mostly near the end


Thank you very much! I knew about that service manual already - wishing to see the Omnibot service manual, though. Lets just hope, whoever wins will be willing to upload it.


Has anybody from this forum won it? It must have been a bargain! Gee, would love to have a copy of the service manual.....


service manual you can print from oldrobots and is the same that you are getting it from the person who bought it,plus mostly will costly some money all you need is a printer and you will have the same with photos

at first i needed the service manual for tomy omnibot,now since i have the schematic ont need it


Well, but its the Radio Shack robot service manual, not the Tomy robot version. I had asked Ron from the website and he didnt have one like that one in the auction. Or am I completely mistaken ???


ok i see,they said the schematic is the sameso was thinking the manual was for both i see it went for $69 plus shipping very high price why do you need the manual


I am a Tomy robot collector - it just would be nice to have it. I am just hoping the seller gets back with me since I have kept asking about a copy of it....


oh,maybe a person bought it to use with EZB most likely a collector who bought it,i did bid on but like most we want to get it very cheap just for plastics and dont need the rest of the parts i have some omniparts i dont need 5402 model if you want to buy any