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I Need To Send A Serial Command! Help Me Please


I want to know how to send a serial string like "a" with SDK?



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EZB ezb = new EZB();
ezb.Uart.SendSerial(Digital.DigitalPortEnum.D8, Uart.BAUD_RATE_ENUM.Baud_9600, "a");
Also, The sdk package has dozens of examples too. Check the tutorial-15 example, it's serial output:)
Thanks! but i dont know why I can not connect my ezb with my arduino uno with a serial port... I can connect my 2 arduinos.. I can connect my arduino and my computer by bluetooth but I can not connect my arduino with my ezb.. Do yow know why?

(The solution for me was buy a bluetooth, use the bluetooth with my arduino... use my ezboard... and connect everything creating my own program...:)